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DRAMA ( Study the following explanation )


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Drama is a story in dialogue form. The emphasis
is very much on what is revealed in conversation,
on characters and interpersonal relations. The story
is dramatic so the elements of action and confl ict are
dominant. The story of a drama is written to be performed.
Therefore, everything must be conveyed through what
can be said or acted out

Dramatic elements
consist of:
1. confl ict
2. climax
3. contrast
4. mood
5. rhythm
6. sound
7. space
8. symbol
9. timing
10. tension
11. focus

Short S tory
A short story is a prose story which usually
describes a single main event, has a limited number
of characters, and is much shorter than a novel. It is
fi ctional work depicting one character's inner confl ict
or confl ict with others, usually having one thematic
focus. Short stories generally produce a single, focused
emotional and intellectual response in the reader.
Taken from The World Book Dictionary, 1995;
Microsoft ® Encarta ® Reference Library, 2008

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