Sabtu, 07 April 2012


  Because my husband, John, tends to snore, I rarely
get more than a couple of hours sleep each night. When
he awakens refreshed in the morning, he's always
astonished to fi nd that he has been the cause of another
sleepless night for me.
   One night John had severe allergy symptoms, so
he took some medication before he went to bed. To my
surprise, he fell into a deep sleep, allowing me to nod
off comfortably too.
I awoke to find him shaking me. "What's the
matter?" I asked, trying not to sound irritable. "Are
you i n pain?"
"No," he said, "but the drugs have worn off, and
I can't sleep." I stared at him in exhausted disbelief.
"What do you want me to do about it?" I said through
clenched teeth.
   "Oh, nothing," he replied. "I just wanted you to
-Bernadette Payne-
Taken from Reader’s Digest, July 2000

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