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                 On School Discipline
Being on time is a beautiful social
ethic and one of great importance, as it
creates effi ciency in systems and implies
respect for one another. However, it is
one of the many values that a school
must inculcate into its students over
Discipline is not something that
must be slapped onto a child like
Inner discipline, one that comes
from within due to an understanding
of the set rules and regulations, is
the highest form of behaviour. Most
excellent schools try to instill this with
a loving environment.
Why, even adults arrive late
to meetings, work, etc–admittedly
shamefaced. Here, we are talking about
Latecomers should not be shut out.
They can be given warnings, most of
which are enough to make them want
to reach school on time. If this fails, talk
to the parents.
By closing its gates, the school is
behaving cruelly and coldly–treatment
to which we prefer not to expose our
Every school has a responsibility to
implement educational concepts in the
appropriate context, not just those schools
that follow international standards and
are generally unaffordable for the
Good schools create competitive
students who can organise themselves
effectively in society so that everyone
gets a quality life as a result of ethics
and values imbibed into students for
as long as 12 years.
Children are precious, and are
dependent on adults for guidance and
we must not take advantage of this.
Understanding them is the key, and to
this end, both parents and schools must
work hand in hand without playing the
blame game.
Taken from The Jakarta Post, October 30, 2003

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