Sabtu, 07 April 2012


Much of what we throw away
could be used again. Recycling puts
"garbage" to good use. Recycling helps
preserve precious resources because it
saves on the use of raw materials and
energy. It also reduces the pollution
caused when the waste is dumped.
Glass can be remelted. This is better
than making fresh glass from raw
materials, but it is even better to reuse
the bottle whole. Metals can be recycled
by being remelted and then used to
make other new items. The metals to
recycle from an ordinary household are
aluminium and steel from cans. Scrap
from cars gives several different metals
for recycling.
Paper is easy to recycle. Every
home and offi ce should have a paper
reclining routine. Plastics are the
worst problem because they do not
biodegrade (breakdown) easily. They
are also hard to recycle and cause
harmful pollution when burned. It is
important to use as litlle plastics as
possible, and then only ones that are
recyclable or biodegradable.

                                                                                          Taken from Natural Resources, 1993                    

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