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A joke is a
short story or ironic
depiction of a situation
communicated with
the intent of being
To fi nd more jokes
for learning material
of spoof texts, browse
these sites.

A spoof text can be
found in newspapers,
magazines, or Internet.
Find some spoof texts
from those media and
collect them. Keep them
in a book. You may
name it A Collection of
Jokes for example.

    -   Our English professor handed
out the mid-term quiz. The task was
to identify several passages extracted
from material we had studied and
name the respective authors. However,
it is unclear where the answers were to
be written. One student raised his hand
and asked for clarifi cation on this point
So the professor asked the entire class,
"Where would you like the answers to
be written?"
The reply from one student
was immediate: "How about on the
- Tanessa Crapo -
Taken from Reader′s Digest, January 2000

The blue whale may be the largest
animal that ever lived. But it is no match
for humans. Tens of thousands of blue
whales were killed in the early 1900's.
They are now protected, and there are
about 5,000 of them in the world.
These fussy eaters feed mainly on
tiny shrimp-like creatures called krill,which they fi nd in their summer homes
near the North and South Poles. They
eat about four tons of food a day.
When winter sets in, the whales
head for warmer water, and go on a
diet. That is also the time when they
Taken from The World Almanac for Kids 2000, 1999

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