Sabtu, 07 April 2012

    Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen. Our
session now will deal with the topic "The Importance
of Home Education for Children" to be presented by
Dr. Nina Bisono, M.Psi from Tunas Ceria NGO.
Now I'd like to call upon Dr. Nina Bisono, M.Psi
to proceed to the stage to present her paper.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Mrs Bisono is the director
of Tunas Ceria. It is a non-governmental organisation
concerned about children education. She has written
several books in the same fi eld. She has also involved
in a number of seminars dealing with education for
I'd now like to invite Mrs Bisono to present her main
points in her paper within 30 minutes. Afterwards, we'll
spend the rest of the time for questions and answers.
Mrs Bisono, please.
Now we still have twenty minutes for our session
and I like to invite questions and comments on what
has been presented by Mrs Bisono. Please mention your
name and institution fi rst.
Ladies and Gentlemen. We are running out of time.
I'd like to extend my appreciation and thanks to Mrs
Bisono for her lucid presentation. She deserves a big
applause, then. Thank you.

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