Selasa, 10 April 2012

the structure of the following script

Study the structure of the following script

Good evening. Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm
welcome to you all to this cocktail reception organised
by the Office of the Telecommunications Authority

Body: explaining who
the speaker is
A quick word about tonight's programme: We
shall begin with a talk by our honourable speaker,
Professor Richard Whish, from London. This will be
followed by a short question-and-answer session, when
you will be free to exchange ideas with the professor. At
about 8 o'clock tonight when the talk concludes, the
cocktail reception will resume, and we have arranged
more refreshments outside for you. Since the professor
is catching his fl ight home tonight, much as we would
like to have him here longer with us, we'd have to make
sure that he can be allowed to leave the venue by 8:30

Body: explaining what
the programme is
As you may be well aware, this reception has
been organised to mark the closing of an in-house
seminar organised by OFTA on the application of
competition law and policy to the Hong Kong
telecommunications sector. This 5-day in-house
seminar actually started last week and today is the last

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