Sabtu, 07 April 2012

     Read the following script of a show presenter (host).

Welcome, my name is Siti Haliza and I will be
your host tonight. I want to thank you for taking time
out of your busy day to participate in our Night of the
Notables. Tonight you will have an opportunity to
meet many famous people and ask them about their
lives. We've worked hard....... Each of you should have
picked up a numbered, Guess Who?? sheet like this
(show sheet). In just a moment, our notables will be
arriving. Each notable will have a number attached to
their clothing. You will be given a chance to interview
the notables. It is your job to try to fi gure out who they
are by using the interview questions on the back of the
sheet. You are not allowed to ask them their notable
names. We will warn you when you have 5 minutes
remaining. You probably will not have a chance to
interview all 50 notables. It is time to have fun. Let's
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